Why I Am A Luci-Fan

It started out as a guilty pleasure. Watching what I was sure to be a sinful new tv series.

But season one of Lucifer has wrapped up with a huge fan following, and is destined to become a cult classic.

Despite some protests from various groups who feel the show is inappropriate because they allege it glorifies evil. I know for a fact they have never watched a single episode.

There are so many much more inappropriate tv shows that I am sure are watched, hypocritically, by naysayers of Lucifer. Any typical crime show on any given day is incredibly inappropriate in its violence and themes.

But I digress.

I predict this new tv series Lucifer will wind up being the subject of a university course one day, I am sure of it. Just as Star Trek became a theme for a university course, to be analyzed and dissected as to its meanings and intent.

Lucifer pushes all the envelopes of life and its meaning. Heaven. Hell. God. The devil. Good. Bad. Evil. Punishment. Religion. Humanity. Inhumanity. And all that is sacred and not of this world.

And it does so with humour and wit. With incredibly fantastic writing and its delivery by all of its cast.

What began as a series of comic book novels has transformed into a Jerry Bruckheimer backed production that begs a look.

It is both dark and funny, satirical and serious, malevolent and light, tragic and humourous.

The chemistry of the cast is unbeatable. Their delivery of all of their lines is spot on. The timbre of all of their voices is enriched. The lighting and artistry is transporting.

I can’t say I have ever watched another tv show which I am anxious to watch again and again. To see or hear something I may have missed. To watch it from the beginning a second or even a third time, while knowing the ending.

And so here’s hoping to many more seasons of Lucifer.



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