Whatever Happened To Win-Win?

Whoever said, “If you give an inch, they will take a mile”, wasn’t far off.
I am aghast at the pettiness of people.
The anti-win-win theory.
In my view, anything and everything should be win-win.
If you purchase something, you should be happy with what you paid fair market price for.
But some people always want more.
Aren’t happy until they have more than fair market price.
If you offer something “extra” to a person, they then ask for “more”.
What’s up with that?
Even when someone is getting a nice, extra bonus for something, they nickel and dime and ask for more.
What’s up with that?
That may be the downfall of humanity as we know it.
I am sure the Universe looks down upon us mortals, us mere humans, and shakes its head.
How can we be such creatures of greed?
It doesn’t perpetuate our species.  Or does it?
Perhaps we are inately programmed to want more.
But that doesn’t make it RIGHT.
To take advantage of someone or something is not right.
To help others is part of our instinct.  So taking advantage is a learned trait?
I watched a documentary once that showed baby monkeys “helping” others that needed it.
If that isn’t part of our primal nature, then I don’t know what is.
Can humans be worse than primates in our quest for survival?
I can only hope that in our journey to a happy existence on this planet, that we consider others before ourselves – and that we all enjoy our “win-win”.


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