Vacation, Schmaycation

Vacations are for people who don’t like their jobs, I remember Madonna once said.

And I like my job.
Because as a self-employed person, if I am not working, I am not making any money.
I don’t have the luxury of working for The Man.
Of putting in my 40-hour week in return for a paycheque.
But, at least a couple of times a year, I have to put in some downtime.
To recharge. To regroup. To regenerate.
Besides, hubby would sue me for abandonment if I didn’t.
I remember someone once said vacations are an opportunity to be ill-clothed, ill-housed, and ill-fed.
I would like to add to that by saying vacations are a chance to be under-exercised and over-wined.
But once away from civilization as we know it – and at one with nature as we should know it – there is something so freeing about not putting on makeup – not using a blowdryer – and not dressing for the office.
Something so freeing about wearing the same shorts and tank top day after day – because they are SO comfortable – despite the fact you have brought 10 sets of tops and pants for the week.
There is something so freeing about not showering for a day or two – or even three – and letting nature have its way with the natural oils on our skin which are given a chance to replenish.
It is almost getting back to our primitive nature. As it was meant to be.
And I realize that there is nothing quite like it.
Even though I check my phone for calls and emails on a regular basis, I realize that I can’t do anything about anything.
I am AWAY!
And it feels SO GOOD!
And even when we return, and it feels just as good to be home again, with our pets who missed us greatly, I am so thankful to have had the break from routine and work and reality that a vacation offers.
Because taking a break gives a whole new perspective and appreciation for a regular routine.
And it makes a return to work, and reality, welcome.
There is a renewed appreciation for everything.
Thank you Schmaycation!


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