The Wishing Stones

It was a warm Spring day, and the world was about a month into lockdown mode.

People had lost their jobs, businesses had closed, social and physical distancing was being enforced, the province and municipalities, including the City of Barrie, had gone into emergency measures status.

People were working from home, self-isolating from friends and family, staying within their family bubble.

It was strange and difficult to adjust.

Thankfully the weather was warming, and the outdoors beckoned.

The snow had melted, and one particular trail in the Tollendale neighbourhood beckoned to be explored.

But this day, something was a little different.

Amidst the leaves and old tree stumps, were stunningly brilliant rocks.

Hand painted.

And all conveying words of positivity and hope.

Of the importance of kindness and love.

Every single one was different.

Lovingly crafted by someone – somewhere.

Strategically placed so that anyone walking that trail path would see them and be inspired.

They could not be ignored.

That someone would take the time to not only create these beautiful Wishing Stones, but to carefully place them in random locations along a local trailpath, was the most uplifting thought.

They have long since disappeared.

The mystery of how they got there and the mystery of how they went away will never be solved.

They were a gift, after all.

From someone who thought that the few passerby who traversed that trailpath might need some inspiration to get them through these dark times.

Well, to whoever that person was, it worked.

Thank you – whoever you are.


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