The Upside

The air over Los Angeles is clearer than it has been in decades.
The pollution over India has virtually disappeared, giving everyone a clear view of the Himalayan Mountains, something that hasn’t happened in a very long time.
The water in the canals of Venice has become so clear, fish can be seen swimming in them.
And the animals are taking over the streets.
In Banff, the bare sidewalks have become filled with elk; some towns in Wales are becoming overrun with goats; and wild boars are running in packs in Spain.
It has barely been a month since the world was put on lockdown trying to contain a deadly Corona virus.
A virus so insidious that it attacks to kill.
Many more people survive it than die, but that is not the point.
The point is that it has the potential to become another 1918 superbug, if we let it.
And so, by decree of world governments, we have all been ordered to self-isolate, stay home, wash our hands, physical distance, and stop the spread.
And the planet has taken notice.
In just such a short time, it has become cleaner, clearer and, dare I say, better off without us.
The news carries far fewer stories of shootings, stabbings, murders and deadly traffic accidents.
Instead, it offers up a daily tally of mounting deaths due to the Corona virus, a shortage of protective equipment for front line workers, and government assistance to help people who are affected by the economic fallout.
Yes, jobs have been lost, and businesses shuttered, and who even knows where and when or if it will all end.
But we now have a list of what are deemed to be essential services, a good place to start for future career choices.
We have been forced to get creative and resourceful when it comes to staying home and staying healthy and sane.
Our children are being home schooled with the help of their teachers online, and parents are learning first hand what it is like to be a teacher.
We can putter about our homes and they have probably never been cleaner. In fact, we have a new perspective on cleanliness.
We can tackle that very long “To Do” list because we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Governments have deferred any income tax owing by 4 months; property taxes have been deferred by 2 months, as have water bills and HST if payable.
Electricity rates are at the lowest Time of Use rates for the next 6 weeks at least.
Financial institutions are waiving some fees and interest; telecommunications companies are offering discounts.
We are saving oodles of gas and mileage and wear and tear on our vehicles. Some insurance companies are offering rebates.
Our pets have never been happier to have us home and giving them lots of love and attention and several daily walks.
Yes, this global humbling has brought us to our knees, and the little virus isn’t done with us yet.
But perhaps we needed this Big Break.
This pause from the rat race to regroup and reset and recharge.
Clearly, some higher power thought so.
And all we can do is count our blessings.



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