The Trumpification of America

As we Canadians watch in horror while the latest presidential election campaign unfolds south of the border in the U.S., I can’t help but be intrigued at how celebrities go about supporting, or not supporting, their preferred candidate.
Some celebrities won’t even utter the name of the candidate that is threatening to throw America back to the dark ages, saying only, “It rhymes with grump.”
Others are wholly open to not only mocking said candidate, but out and out protesting his entire campaign and its platform.
To say he has offended a few would be an understatement.
To say he has singlehandedly made many of us cringe at the very thought of him as president, would be an understatement.
But the entertainment continues.
The latest protest by comedian and former talk show host Jon Stewart provides much food for thought.
His skits and rants are funny, and yet cut to the very core of what a Trump-led U.S. could mean.
And to hear of all the U.S. citizens who say they would move to Canada, albeit tongue in cheek, if Trump won the election, is very telling.
And I wonder what our own newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, would make of a Trump presidential win.
But to watch Americans so vehemently support the Republican leader, because they are so opposed to the Democratic party, is alarming.
What has the Democratic party done that is so wrong, that is so off-putting to seemingly intelligent American citizens that they would risk it all and put a Trump in the presidential seat?
I can and will never know or understand the full story.
Having never lived in the U.S. or experienced what it means to have a Democratic led presidency.
It seems very much aligned with what we have here in Canada.
So can it be all that bad?
Hopes for freer health care.
Anti-gun legislation.
Tolerance. Patience. Understanding. Open borders. A willingness to help. Multiculturalism. An appreciation for the difference between everyone.
We are all watching anxiously as it plays out south of the border. And will wait on the edge of our seats in November to see how the American citizens vote.
And, as true Canadians, we will embrace whatever the outcome may be.
And make the best of it.


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