The Patchwork Quilt

My daytimer these days is filled with this and that.
A Meals On Wheels delivery for the Red Cross this afternoon.
A Seniors For Seniors caregiving companion service that morning.
Duty at the real estate office the next day.
A brokerage Zoom meeting Tuesday morning.
And so on and so forth.
Just like a beautiful patchwork quilt.
A little of this, a little of that.
It is something I have taken a long time to learn to relish.
Something that has not come easy in the last few years, as I entered my sixth decade on this planet, most of which had been spent working full tilt at a full time job or two.
I had learned young, from 13 or so, that working meant money, and money meant freedom to some degree, to buy what you want and do what you wish.
And so, from babysitting to delivering the Sunday Sun newspaper, to dusting furniture to bagging plastic urine sample cups, to going to college to become a legal secretary and then back to college to become a broadcast journalist, and then get my real estate license to boot, it has been work, work, work.
And I loved it.
It gave me something to do, something to be proud of, feel accomplished about.
I could pay the rent and the bills, eventually get a mortage and own my own vehicle.
Heck, I could even start an RRSP and TFSA!
There was even a time when, while working full time at a tv station, I worked part-time as a realtor.
That was a very busy time of my life, and one which cost me a marriage.
But everything works out for the best, as they say.
And now these days, it is a little of this, a little of that, each and every day.
I love the variety, the flexibility, the newness of each and every day and week.
The only daily constants are my yoga routine, perhaps a walk if the weather is nice, a visit to the barn to see my horse and get some “equine therapy”, caring for the cats and fish and house and home and hearth.
All part of my daily tasks which have become a spiritual ritual of sorts.
And if I can get some writing in as well, then it is a great day!
It has taken awhile to get used to the new world order, this piecemeal gathering of daily tasks, this patchwork quilt.
But just like an actual patchwork quilt, made up of various pieces of material and sewn together to become one big blanket, I am loving the beauty of it all, and am grateful that my life has become a colourful work of art.

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