The Chakra Bracelet

My chakra bracelet arrived in the mail the other day.
Special delivery from an online store.
I had been searching for one for what seems like years.
Always checking out the jewellery stores and gemstone shops for what could be the ideal chakra bracelet.
A quick search online found me the perfect one.
Separated by a metal band, there are seven sets of stones, all different gemstones, representing the seven colours of the chakra.
There are supposed to be three of each set of colours, but there are four in the purple, amethyst, chakra colour.
An extra spiritual blessing perhaps?
There are three red onyx, for the root chakra, for the bottom and core of our being and representing groundedness.
There are three orange amber stones, for the sacral chakra, located just below our stomach.
There are three yellow tigers eye stones, for the solar chakra, situated just above our stomach.
There are three green imperial stones, for the heart chakra, which is of course the place for love.
There are three turquoise stones, for the throat chakra, where communication is centred.
There are three indigo lapis lazuli stones, for the third eye chakra, located in the centre of the forehead.
And there are four purple amethyst stones, for the crown chakra, located at the top of the head.
All of these chakras are part of an ancient belief that the body needs all of these energies to be aligned in order to function properly.
Any blockages of any of these energy “wheels” can cause problems.
And the belief is that by wearing these colours and the gemstones that represent them we can help the body align and be free from any blockages of positive energy swirling around us.
Some may say it’s hooey and phooey.
And I am a great believer in the saying that, whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are probably right.
There is a lot to be said for the mind and it’s powers.
Mind over matter.
Whatever you wish to call it.
I do know that the moment I put the bracelet on my left wrist, I felt a certain tingling all around me.
I left it on as I did my yoga routine.
Breathing in for four and out for four, through each pose.
It felt great. I felt great.
Whether psychosomatic or psychological, or whatever, I believe, and feel, that is is doing me some good.
It can’t be doing any bad or worse.
I feel somewhat empowered when I wear it on my left wrist so as to channel more directly to the inner energies.
I have taken to wearing it each day and every day.
I feel like there is something special about it.
And in the end, I guess that is all that really matters.
There is no way to prove anything.
There is no measure or metrics that can show how it is indeed aligning my chakras or having any effect or affect at all.
It is purely a spiritual belief. A metaphysical thought. A positive feeling.
And I have noticed that as it swings around my wrist throughout the day, the sets of gemstones change in their placement. Sometimes the red onyx is at my pulse point on my inner wrist; sometimes the indigo lapis lazuli; and sometimes, after my yoga workout, the purple amethyst is at my wrist. To me a sure sign that whatever the colour is at my pulse point, that is the area that is being aligned by the random movements of the bracelet around my wrist. And after my yoga routine, I certainly feel more spiritually connected to a higher power, hence the purple.
And so, until I am proven otherwise, I will continue to wear my little chakra bracelet.
And hope that its powers prove positive.

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