The Big Break

Another day, another opportunity to get creative as to how to spend that day.

The “Big Break,” as I like to call it, that has been bestowed upon us by the “Virus,” as I shall call it, is something of a double edged sword.

Many people are still working every day, deemed essential services, and that is wonderful they are holding down the fort so we are ensured to have groceries and medicine and other services.

But it stops there.

Children are out of school, and their parents are home schooling them with the help of their teachers online.

Many others who are still working are doing so from home, holding meetings via computer screens.

New routines have been established as we attempt to get through another day of self-isolating, sheltering at home or self-quarantine, whatever it is called at this moment; social and physical distancing (6 feet!), washing our hands, trying not to touch our faces, shake hands or speak moistly onto one another.

For me, sticking to a routine is the only saving grace.

Knowing that falling out of a routine would quite possibly send me over the edge of the abyss descending into anarchy and chaos.

And so for me, that means getting up every morning around the 7:30, feeding the cats, having a coffee, doing some reading.

Then it is some writing and getting caught up on all the blogs and articles I have been planning.

Having a shower, although would anyone really notice?

Must keep the routine.

Washing my hair every other day, as before, even though I am tempted to let it go for three days. The horror!

Getting dressed into my “Athleisure Ware”, a.k.a. yoga pants and hoodie, a.k.a. around-the-house comfort clothes, each and every day.

Leaving on my PJ’s and robe is not an option, lest the descent begin.

Some days however I do go makeup free – a relief to my skin I am sure.

Then it’s catching up on work, including research and emails, and checking in via webinars to see what my Brokerage is up to today, watching videos and live streams that are meant to keep us in the loop and motivated and connected and “in touch”. They too are a saving grace. Proof positive that life and some business is going on around us even as we are “Flattening the Curve.

Reading the online news articles are always a welcome way to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

The highlight of my day is watching our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s daily affirmations, spoken to the press from just outside his front doorstep at his home in Ottawa. His calm, soothing, dulcet tones assure us that everything will be alright, to the best of his ability. His admonitions to “Go Home And Stay Home,” like a patient Dad to his kids, still ringing in my ears. His hair is getting a bit long in the follicle these days (although very well coiffed), along with the rest of us. Because of course hairdresses are deemed non-essential services, for now.

Then it’s out for a brisk 45 minute walk with hubby, a refreshing new addiction that has come to be a ritual, one that I look forward to each and every day. We find new routes all the time, and now that the better weather is upon us, we can check out the trails through the woods and parks, always keeping a good physical distance should we come across fellow walkers.

Some lunch is then in order, and some more work or catching up on emails.

Then later in the afternoon, the biggest highlight of my day, is heading to the barn to administer a daily dose of medicine to my horse, Pumpkin. It is a ritual that has also helped to keep me sane.

Then it’s home to do some more reading, perhaps a cup of tea, or catch a nap with a cat on my lap, and then watch the news on tv to keep up to date with what’s happening in this new world.

Preparing supper is next, followed by catching up on TV shows or movies or something I have recorded on the PVR.

Bed early is a must, and I have been looking forward to 9 or 10 hours a night these days. A good amount of time to restore and replenish and recuperate one’s body.

My jewellery is getting a break from being worn, except for earrings which I put on everyday anyways.

My “Good Clothes” are getting a rest; hopefully they are still in style when I get to wear them again.

All the “Other Things” that usually make up my week, volunteering with the Red Cross helping to dispatch their Meals on Wheels program, working a few hours here and there at my fun little “Side Gig”, a couple of baby showers, appointments, meetings, visiting, lunches, have all gone by the wayside, crossed out of my day timer with the word “Covid” beside it.

These are the things we are all getting a Big Break from.

And currently, there is no end in sight.

Events through to the end of Summer have been cancelled in many localities, including the Barrie Fair here in our neck of the woods, and mercifully the Calgary Stampede in Alberta.

I have to say I am enjoying this forced “me” time.

Hunkered down within the household, only venturing out for exercise and essentials.

I know the cats like the increased company.

I am looking forward to seeing how much money I am saving by not buying anything but groceries.

I have only filled up my gas tank once in the last month.

I am slightly relieved that I don’t have to do anything I don’t really want to do socially.

I am looking forward to getting out in the garden when the weather warms up. Even weeding is becoming attractive.

The deck planters are all good to go – waiting for potting soil so I can plant some Morning Glories that will hopefully climb up the trellis.

Yes, this forced “Big Break” is just what the doctor ordered.

A surprisingly welcome reprieve from all of the obligations.

I am secretly hoping it lasts all Summer.

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