The Biebs Part Deux

I can’t “belieb” the controversy at just the mention of Justin Bieber’s name.
There are no half “beliebers”. If you say his name, people either love him or hate him. There is no in-between.
This Canadian, who has done our country proud.
This young fellow, who has just turned 22.
Who began his skyrocketing career at the tender age of 13, when his mother began posting his song covers on You Tube.
This person who has now amassed a net worth of $200M U.S.
What is not to like?
Granted, if you pay any heed to Instagram and entertainment news hyperbole, what is made public mostly are the latest antics he has been up to. The latest hairstyle he has chosen to sport.
But what is not mentioned is how hard this young man works.
Between the goofing around as any young person is entitled, he has to work out to maintain his fitness and looks for not only his concerts and performances, but his model work with Calvin Klein since becoming their “face and body” in 2015.
He is also involved in dozens of business ventures and investments, including small tech start up companies, and four fragrances.
His charity work and philathropy stretches to helping build schools in developing countries.
Along with that, he is comfortable playing himself in countless acting appearances and cameos – never taking himself too seriously.
This humble Canadian from inauspicious beginnings was named among the top 10 most powerful celebrities by Forbes magazine three times.
He was the first artist to have seven songs from his very first album hit the Billboard Hot 100.
Some artists don’t have seven hit songs in their entire career!
He is the first artist to tally more than 10 billion video views.
And he is supported by Ellen Degeneres, who has invited him to appear on her show on numerous occasions. Singing the acoustic version of his song “Sorry”. Doing a very entertaining and self-deprecating version of the “Ne Ne” with a young fan. And if Ellen feels he is worthy, he must be worthy. She is supportive of only those who are worthwhile and deserving, in my view. And I am sure she has complete creative and artistic control of who does, and who does not, appear on her show.
Perhaps anyone who cuts down the Biebs is only slightly more than jealous?
I think any and all naysayers should cut this kid some slack.
I think he’s entitled to have a few hiccups and bumps along the way. He has all but grown up in full view of the entire world watching. That’s quite some scrutiny that I bet few others of us could live up to.
And although he now lives in Los Angeles, he still remains true to his Canadian roots.
Some of his favourite pastimes that he posts on social media seem to be sitting by a campfire, fishing, and toboganning down a snowy slope.
This is a man-child who has been under the public magnifying glass since he was 13 years old.
I dare anyone else to grow up under that pressure, and still maintain their humanity.
Justin Bieber has.
And I say more power to him.

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