That’s N.E.A.T.

Non. Exercise. Activity. Thermogenesis.

My kind of weight loss plan.

I saw it on Dr. Oz.

In essence it means that you burn calories throughout the day just by putzing!

And I am the queen of that!  Just ask my hubby!

By simply getting up and taking care of straightening this, medical cleaning that, decease dusting the other, cialis cleaning the cat litter, feeding the bird, watering the plants, making the bed, toasting some bread, pouring a coffee, rearranging the pantry, reorganizing the office, decluttering the linen closet, vacuuming the car, filling the bird bath, etc.  I could go on and on.  I am sure you get the idea.

By doing all of these things, we are keeping our metabolism revved up.  We are burning calories.  We are avoiding the gym.  Yay!

We no longer have to get hot and sweaty in a spin class!  We can just keep our homes and gardens clean and tidy.  Who knew?

Perhaps our ancestors did.  It was a hard, physical life in our pre-technology age, and I am sure they were all kinds of fit just by living.

I do go for a walk quite a bit.  That is also for the fresh air and feel good endorphins.

But puttering around the house counts as a way to keep slim and healthy.

I am so happy there is actually a scientific name for it:  N.E.A.T.

And I will happily putz my way to health.

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