Thank You, Universe

Each night as I lay in bed, in the dark moments before I fall asleep, I always make a point of thanking the Universe for the great day I have had.

Even if it wasn’t such a great day.

I always say “Thank You” for everything.

Thank you for my hubby in my life. For all my lovely pets. For a home to keep us safe and warm and dry. For safe passage on the roads. For the sunshine. For the rain. For the snow. For the gossipy co-worker. For the client who chose to work with someone else. For the clients who choose to work with me. For all the opportunities that I am offered. For the few family and friends that I do have.

Because as I get older, I realize that nothing is left to chance. And there are no guarantees.

What is here today, might be gone tomorrow. And what we didn’t have today, we may have tomorrow.

So it’s good to be grateful and thankful for all that we have today, and all that has brought us to this point in our lives. Be it good, or bad.

Because even the bad has its good. Haven’t you noticed?

For everything bad that happens that we wonder why, there is always something good that ultimately comes out of it.

I was darn sure that having a bad hip joint was a terrible thing.

Now I realize that having a brand new titanium hip joint is the BEST thing ever!

I was pretty sure having to give up my beloved Audi that I had for 12 years was going to be awful.

But now I realize that the Dodge Caliber that I have to carry me faithfully from A to B is the GREATEST!

There is usually a lot of bad to go through before getting to the good, to be sure. But once the “good” arrives, there is nothing better!

I have to extend that to the belief that there are no coincidences, but that is a topic for another blog.

I have even started to give thanks for the day, even before the day is started.

As I lay in bed, as the early dawn slowly creeps into the room, I give thanks for another day that I am above ground.

Another day that I have challenges to meet, people who need me, pets that need me, a home to putz around in and clean, a pantry and fridge that hold the food that I need for the day, and any and all opportunities that may arise.

Thank you, Universe!

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