Seriously, Sirius

Blame it on the dog.
Not that it ate my homework.
But for some serious heat.
The dog star Sirius, that is.
Because it’s the Dog Days of Summer.
An unofficial few weeks between July 3rd and August 11th of each year, when we experience some serious heat and humidity.
This year is no exception.
We are in the middle of our second week of heat warnings.
The air is still and hangs heavy and thick.
The cicadas are singing.
The mosquitos have high tailed it outta here.
The air conditioning is working overtime, thanks to hubby.
I don’t mind it hot.
Even the heat loving cats are napping more than usual.
We pay good money in the winter to heat this house to this degree of warmth.  So why not enjoy it?
The ancients believe it’s to blame on the dog star, Sirius.
It rises in the morning along with the sun, each year this time of year, so they believed Sirius has something to do with the heat.
I love these temperatures.
They are physically draining, so much so that at the end of a hot day, sleep is welcomed and early nights are a must.
But we have so few of them here in Ontario in the course of our 365-day year, much of which is so cold, that I embrace the heat with open arms.
Each day that is above 20 degrees Celsius I cannot wait to open the windows and the patio doors and welcome in the warm, fresh air.
I long to sit outside and feel the warmth on my skin.  To tickle my bare legs and arms.  That do not have to endure being covered in order to keep the warmth in.
Sure, the heat poses many dangers.
When a heat warning is in effect, there are cooling centres opened in many cities and towns where people can go to keep cool.
Pets should never be left in cars – even for a moment – because temperatures can soar to a deadly height very quickly.
I pretend I am living in Hawaii during these dog days of summer, although I have never been.
The dog days of summer bring out the feeling of fun in everyone.  From days at the beach, to trips to the local Dairy Queen for a frozen treat to cool down.
The warm days are an excuse to have a nap on the deck, to have a slow stroll along  the street, not encumbered by long johns and boots.
The long days are welcomed as a chance to extend the day outdoors.   To enjoy that sunset.  To go for that long after-work walk that would otherwise be cut short by a darkening sky.
And, quite frequently, the heat and humidity are broken by tempestuous thunder storms that sweep through, bringing much needed rain and and a drop in temperature.
And so I will enjoy this heat while I can.
While Sirius rises to herald this time of year that is so short, yet so welcomed.
These long August nights that will quickly yield to short, cold December evenings in the blink of an eye.
Thank you Sirius.
This is one time I am happy to blame it on the dog.


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