Put Some Makeup On

It’s all the rage in Hollywood.
But I don’t like this new “no makeup” look.
It still means applying lots of makeup, in the form of foundation, bronzer, concealer, blusher, and pale/nude lipstick.
But it means no eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, no false eyelashes, or coloured lipstick.
How ironic is that – how hypocritical is that?  Still putting on lots of makeup, to look like you are wearing no makeup.
As a natural blonde, I have spent my whole life, since the age of 13, when I begged my mother to let me start wearing makeup, wearing makeup.
War paint.
I have loved, and still love, the transformation I see when I put on my makeup.
Like an artist with a canvas.
Because, as a natural blonde, I have “no eyes”, without a little mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow.
I love the colour a little lipstick brings to my face.
The life a little blusher brings to my cheeks.
The latest, greatest invention in the world of makeup are the new “CC” and “BB” creams, the moisturizers that come with a little tinting and sunscreen.  They even out the skintone, cover imperfections and provide a light foundation.
There was a time when I wouldn’t let anyone see me without makeup.
But I never went as far as one woman I know, who apparently never even let her husband see her without makeup.
During my teens, I was often complemented on my makeup application skill:  I wore all the glittery eyeshadows that were hot at the time, including purple, blue and green.  I became adept at applying a shimmery “T” in the middle of my eyelid, and people would often ask me if I had it professionally applied.
Perhaps it was because my heyday was during the ’80’s, when more was better; from makeup to clothes to hair.
That’s why I find it hard to accept the “no makeup” look that is rampant today.
If God wanted us to go without makeup, he would have blessed us all with naturally dark eyelashes, flawless skin, pink shiny lips, colourful cheeks.
Like the males of our human species.  Naturally beautiful.  Blessed with long, thick eyelashes, tawny cheeks and skin tone, flawless skin.  Never a bad hair day.
In the world of nature, the male animals seem to have all the beauty:  the lion’s mane; the robin’s red breast; the peacock’s tail feathers; the cardinal’s red feathers.
But I digress.
In the human world, we females have makeup; the wonderful world of cosmetics.
And I love that.
Some women choose to wear no makeup at all, ever.
And that’s their choice.
Most of them are natural beauties anyway, with naturally dark eyelashes, even skintone, naturally pink cheeks and lips.
For the rest of us, wearing lots of makeup to look like we are not wearing any makeup, is absolutely ridiculous.
I will always choose mascara, eyelash curler, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, blusher, and lip gloss.
Although my hubby always professes to love me without makeup, (and for that I will always be eternally grateful, should the day ever come when I can’t wear makeup or choose not to anymore,) for now, I will choose cosmetics.
To naturally enhance what mother nature gave me.
I see no harm in that; only fun, glamor and beauty.
So, I will put some makeup on!


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