Pillow Talk

Let’s talk about the fact that I just shelled out over a hundred dollars for a pillow.
It’s not made of gold or does tricks of any kind.
It is an orthopedic posture pillow.
Called a “Somnia”, (perhaps because it promotes the opposite of insomnia?), it is made of thermo-regulating dual-phase gel memory foam and comes with a convenient washable bamboo cover.
Yes, I am at the age and stage where I invested in a special pillow to help with alignment, neck support and posture.
Wellness through posture, it says.
Designed to maximize comfort and wellness for people who sleep on their backs or sides.
Providing a natural alignment reducing tension and improving breathing.
The instructions, (yes, it came with instructions,) say it could take up two to three weeks to get used to it.
And they are right.
After years of sleeping on a very slim and soft pillow, which is very comfortable but has become so flat that it allows my head to virtually be horizontal or even worse, I figured it’s time to be kinder to my neck and spine, head and shoulders.
And so I went to a special health and wellness products supply store and paid over a hundred clams.
They saw me coming.
There were many more that were much more expensive.
I couldn’t believe it.
Pillows aren’t just pillows anymore.
Oh sure, you can go to the local bedding store, hardware or even grocery store, and find a suitable pillow.
But they soon go flat, or worse, and soon they are causing aches and pains.
These days, pillows are high tech.
Made of cooling gels so your head doesn’t get too hot, or bamboo or charcoal or other environmentally friendly products.
All different kinds of shapes and sizes and densities, soft, hard, high, low.
Now they are an item to be discussed around the water cooler.
But I am like Goldilocks when it comes to pillows: this one is too deep, this one is too soft, this one is too high, this one is too hard.
I am sure there are people around the world who don’t even have pillows.
Perhaps they are a first world problem.
I have even seen people wear their pillows around their necks, travelling by bus or plane, sporting those semi-circle creations that only God knows if they work or not.
There are special pillows that are supposed to prevent you from getting wrinkles, and there are lavender scented pillows that help you drift off to dreamland, and yes there are pillows made with gold that are specially designed just for you and they sell for upwards of $5000.
We are indeed a pillow obsessed society.
This one I just bought comes with a five year warranty!
I only hope it lives up to its promise, and price.

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