The Chakra Bracelet

My chakra bracelet arrived in the mail the other day.Special delivery from an online store.I had been searching […]

The O.G.

“She’s the O.G.! Original Gangsta!” said a former work colleague of mine, pointing in my direction.Oh My Gosh!What […]

Spring WILL Come!

When the days seem oh, so dark and drearyAnd it’s difficult to not feel old and wearyWhen the […]

Oh, Heart!

Oh, heart! Dear heart! How faint thou art! When should you choose to leave… The beat, no will […]

La Cucaracha

I don’t know which was more horrifying – the young woman with the spiky hair and tattoos who […]

From Routines To Rituals

Who knew cleaning out the cat litter could be so cathartic. Cleansing. For both the cats and me. […]

Hello, November

Okay, without further ado, let’s just get this over with. The next three months, that is. As the […]


I think I have a problem. I nearly tripped over my slipper pile the other day, and discovered […]

Going For Gin

At the ripe ol’ age of 60, hubby and I taught ourselves the scintillating card game of Gin […]