Feeding Each Other

It all started when we began ordering one of those food-delivery-recipe-making-dinner-packages.You know the one I mean.They have the […]

Pardon Me?

“Please speak clearly and slowly…” the message on the voicemail machine instructed me before I could leave a […]


The Colour Purple

I don’t know if anyone has noticed recently, but purple seems to be having a moment.Making a comeback.Singer […]

Positively Toxic

There’s a new catchphrase in town: toxic positivity.Who knew that anything positive could be toxic.Well, as it turns […]

Happy Tax

The Danes are at it again.Making me re-obsessed about what makes them consistently among the Happiest Countries In […]

A Season Of Austerity

The parking lots are unusually empty.It’s a Saturday afternoon – a time when you would think many people […]

The Purge

I love garbage day.I mean I really, really love garbage day.Perhaps more than a person should.It would be […]

The Patchwork Quilt

My daytimer these days is filled with this and that.A Meals On Wheels delivery for the Red Cross […]

Pillow Talk

Let’s talk about the fact that I just shelled out over a hundred dollars for a pillow.It’s not […]