One. Two. Three. Four.

Five.  Six.  Seven.  Eight.
That’s what I count to, slowly, breathing, slowing down time, everytime I feel I need to be more “mindful”.
That’s the new “way to be”, isn’t it?
To be in the present.  Ever in the present.
In the moment.
It is now officially, A Thing.
Cherishing every second.
Focusing on every minute.
When I find myself wanting to rush, or hurry, I mentally count to 8, slowly, purposfully, and return to the “present”.
To slow the universe down, so as to allow the ether to surround me.
Envelop me in its good graces.
To allow the play to play out, if you will.
The task at hand be complete.
Whether it is putting a slice of bread in to the toaster.
Or pouring the milk into my cup of coffee.
Or getting into my car and turning the key in the ignition.
One.  Two.  Three.  Four.
Five.  Six.  Seven.  Eight.
It seems to slow the hustle and bustle down to a manageable din.
And I can see why being ever mindful, present and in the moment, is now A Thing.
It is soul satisfying.
It seems to help the universe unfold as it should.
And there are times where I can’t for the life of me take the time or have the patience to count to 4, or especially 8.
And there are times when I feel I absolutely must, and need to, count out the seconds, 1 through 8.
Try it sometime.
See if it helps focus on the moment.
To slow the world down to a more manageable pace.
To bring about the good graces of the universe.
And help it unfold, as it should.


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