One Thing

I don’t know about you, but the “To Do” list slash “In-Box” tray on my desk just seems to get higher and higher.
My daytimer is always chock-a-block full of more things “To Do”.
I also have a list I keep in my wallet.
And then there’s the “To Do” list in my head.
And there are always things that are being added, constantly, to those never ending “To Do” lists.
And then there’s that overbearing, chest-crushing, soul destroying feeling that you will never get anything, any of it, done.
I have often caught myself sitting in a catatonic state, staring off into the distance, seemingly paralyzed, in a “statis”, mentally churning over and over in my mind what needs to be done.
Often, it seems too much.
Way too much.
How to prioritize?
How to decide what needs to be done first?
But then I remember what a career coach told us once.
Pretend we were farmers, who looked out at the whole field that had to be harvested.
Talk about overwhelming, right!?
Then he said, throw a stick.
Then harvest to wherever the stick lands.
Do-able, right?!
Now, I just say, “One Thing”.
Do “One Thing”.
Pick just one thing from the ever ending to-do list, and DO JUST THAT.
It’s amazing.
And it gets so much more done!
Because once you do just that one thing, the list seems less overwhelming.  More manageable.  More do-able.
To do-able!
And because once that ONE THING is done, it makes it easy to do just one more thing.
And maybe one more after that.
And so on, and so on.
Until several things have been completed on that once overwhelming “To Do” list.
And it just starts with one thing.
So throw that stick.
Pick one thing.
I guarantee it will work.

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