My Top 5 TV Shows Of Importance

Tolerance. Patience. Acceptance. Education. Entertainment. Pushing the envelope. Provoking thought. Laughter. Tears. Canadian content or connection.

These are my criteria for voing on the importance of the following TV shows.

These are so important for all the reasons above – and more.

5. Saving Hope

A dramatic hospital series with a twist – one of the doctors sees dead people…

Not only is it filmed in Canada – but all of its characters are intriguing and their on-screen chemistry is a winner.

Each week, the stories are told with empathy and compassion. Stories of lives and deaths. And all woven into an emergency room and hospital story-telling platform which usually always tugs at the heartstrings by the end.

The use of music throughout is touching and thoughtful and poignant.

And I love the supernatural possibility that one of the doctors is able to see the spirits of patients who have crossed over or are about to cross over. It adds a creepy yet hopeful idealogy that elevates what could have been just another hospital drama to something so much more.

4. Super Girl

A fantasy comedy drama that offers a believable female lead who is struggling to come to terms with her super girl powers, and yet pursue as normal a life as possible at the same time.

She has a job, and her boss suspects her of being Super Girl, but she has so far managed to evade telling the truth.

She has a friend, James Olsen, who knows who she is, and works to help her protect her identity, as well as fulfill her crimefighting duties.

The show serves to promote tolerance and acceptance.

And is just an all around good show with a vulnerable yet strong young female lead – a great example for all women everywhere.

3. Murdoch Mysteries

What an amazing show that believably tells the tale of a crime fighting detective in turn of the century Toronto.

What fun to see how things could have been like back then. The dawn of many of our inventions. The start of so much of our history as we know it today.

How the discovery of a word “scramble” can possibly become the game of Scrabble we know today. The advent of curling. Blood typing.

And the way the show’s writers weave in very real characters – from Winston Churchill, to Thomas Edison, to Lucy Maude Montgomery, to Alexander Bell. So funny – and so plausible.

Not to mention it is filmed all around Ontario as well as Toronto.

And there are strong male and female characters too.

And Murdoch always gets his man. Or woman, sometimes. And no subject is taboo. A really important show for our times.

2. The Good Wife

The political tale of a woman done wrong by her man.

And yet she goes on to get the best revenge – success!

Strongly told by its female lead, all of the characters have that palpable on-screen chemistry that makes the heart sing.

Sure, she has her weekly trials and tribulations – otherwise there wouldn’t be a show.

But a good example of how perserverance, persistence and determination pays off.

And it’s a show that is not afraid to show a woman that needs a good drink at the end of the day.

Boldly written and worthy of sinking one’s teeth into.

1. The Voice

It may be a reality show – but it is one that sends shivers down the spine – causes goosebumps on the arms – and often brings a tear to my eye.

Because it’s all about the music. And music is the universal language that we can all relate to and understand.

The singers are auditioning their hearts out. The judges have to base everything on sound alone – they don’t get a glimpse of the singer until they are convinced they have enough talent to warrant it.

And the pipes on some of these contestants are amazing. The songs they sing are incredible. I cannot express what a beautiful show it is.

The judges are all very empathetic and helpful. And quite often other big stars are recruited to help as a mentor to the contestants.

It’s a star studded show – of singers helping other singers do well. How much more humanitarian can it get?! Even if not a fan of reality shows – this one is well worth the time.

1A. Lucifer

I have to give this new tv series an honourable mention. Because it turns out that the devil is on our side.

Punishing only criminals who have committed some heinous crime and deserve their just desserts. And along the way, working with a female detective that he cannot overpower with his thoughts. And finding his own humanity as he looks for redemption.

Much to the chagrin of his partner from hell who escaped the underworld with him – and a brother who keeps trying to lure him back home.

The lead character is passionately portrayed by a Welsh actor who has the timbre, intent, delivery, mannerisms and tone down to perfection. He can be malevolent one moment, and then funny as hell the next.

Pushing the existential envelope every which way – no matter if anyone believes in heaven or hell. It’s a Jerry Bruckheimer backed gem – his best show since the original CSI.


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