My New “Toy-Blet”

We have a new addition to the family.
I call it my “Toy-blet.”
I certainly didn’t need it.
It was a “want”, to be sure.
I already have a great phone that I can call, text or email with, along with watch videos, search Google, map out a route, take photos and videos, play Solitaire and Word Search, upload to Instagram, and read the occasional book.
And I have a great laptop that I use for work, storing photos, sending documents, searching, scanning, you name it, it’s a great workhorse
And I have a “Blog-top”, a smaller laptop that is lighter and more compact which has a great keyboard so I can compose my latest thoughts while it sits on my lap, literally.  I can also search with it and do some work, so it is a great all around secondary work laptop.
And there’s the greatest workhorse of all: my 2006 Dell desktop, which sits like a lumbersome ghost from the past atop my desk in the home office.
It still operates on Windows XP, an all but outdated system that Bill Gates decided he would no longer support a couple of years ago.
But she still works: she searches, she accesses emails, she stores typed documents, and photos.
She is unofficially hubby’s computer – and everytime he wants to check his emails, or search for how to paint concrete, he “fires up ol’ Betsy”, as he calls her.
I don’t like that he makes fun of her.
She has earned her keep, and then some.
She owes nothing to no one, not me, not him.
The fact she is still able to be “fired up” is impressive.
So, this family, this household, and me, in particular, is not in need of any more technology.
But I spotted a mini-tablet on sale at a local drug store, and instantly wanted it.  A new toy.
But I held myself back – promising myself that if a certain real estate deal firmed up, I could reward it to myself as a treat.  What restraint!  Worthy of a peace prize!
And lo, said real estate deal did firm up, and so I went back to the drug store, but alas, they had sold out.
I went to another, similar drug store, which also offers a small technology department, with no luck.  A salesclerk explained that they are just random offerings that are brought in occasionally – they don’t have any standing orders for tablets, laptops, or phones.
So, I decided the Universe was telling me I don’t need it.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for anyway.
I thought perhaps I could download the occasional e-book – as I had started doing that on my phone.  But the screen is so small it makes it nearly impossible to read.
And I thought I could download a few more games – such as Heads Up and other fun things that my phone storage is too small for.
So the days passed.  Then a week.
And I thought, well, what’s the harm in just looking around at some other tech stores to see what they have.
I was going to go to The Source on my way into town, but somehow missed the turn.
Then I was going to go to Best Buy, but couldn’t get over in time for the exit.
So, it was on to Staples.
And what did I find?
A great little tablet for half the price than the original one I had spotted at the drug store!
So of course, it was meant to be.
I took my little prize home, my new “toy-blet”, and charged it up.
It is so cute!  So large in screen, compared to my phone.
The touch screen is awesome.
I set up a live bubbles wallpaper.
I went back to a drug store and purchased a cover for it to keep it safe, from drops, scratches, etc., and so I can safely carry it with me in my purse if need be.
My little toy-blet.
The latest addition to our family.
I am so looking forward to downloading a book or a magazine.  The new environmentally friendly way to read – with no trees being harmed in the making!  That gives new meaning to the term “e-book!”
I am looking forward to downloading a game or two – with that nice big screen that will make it much easier to see and enjoy.
It has a camera – so I can take photos and videos.
And it is completely “intuitive” – immediately initiating and synchronizing with my Google account – even though that thought is a little invasive and creepy.  Very big brother-ish.
But what fun!
I’m looking forward to enjoying it.

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