Love, Your Dog…

You brought me home when I was young
Just a pup, to me you were the sun
I sat at your feet, you taught me some tricks
We went for long walks, and your face I sure licked!
You fed me, you bathed me, housetrained me and more
I snuggled you, I guarded you, kept you company and warm
Then one day another human came into our home
You loved him, so I loved him, two for one
We three were a unit, a family, a pack
We went everywhere, we had nothing to lack
The years went by, and our family grew
A baby came along, then another made two
Now your time is not yours, nor mine, its for them
You give them your all, with not much left for when
We went for long walks down the road, you and I
You were my sun, and I was your guy
My bones are now old, my body is aged
I sleep by the fire, and dream of old days
The couch is off limits, the carpet is too
I eat in the garage, I stroll the back yew
I rest by your bed, and on the office floor
On my own cozy pillows, I couldn’t ask for more
But I long for your touch, as when I was a pup
When you cuddled me long, and often picked me up
I’d settle for your words, long to hear “what a good boy!”
I will always love you, and be grateful for any toy
There will come a day when I will have to say goodbye
But I will always remember, when I was your guy


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