Lessons From A Pandemic

I know, I know.
“If I read one more thing about the pandemic, my head will explode,” you’re thinking.
Well, you are not alone.
I second that emotion.
And I am trying to focus on all of the good that has come out of this.
And I have happily discovered there is plenty, actually.
We are more connected with our friends, family and loved ones than ever before, even though we are physically distanced.
We have called, drove by, Zoomed in, Skyped, messaged, texted, emailed, and caught up on a daily basis.
Had we ever done that before?
I think not.
We are being kind to one another, knowing that we may be the only bright spot in that person’s day.
We are eating together more, either home cooking or ordering in.
Food delivery services have blossomed.
We have gone outside and walked more, because we have found the time for it.
We have napped more, catching up on some much needed restorative sleep time, partly because there is nothing else we can do, and partly because we have run out of things to do.
Thank you, pandemic!
We are reading more.
We are having family game nights and doing puzzles together.
When was the last time anyone did a puzzle?
Well, on our dining table, there is an entire section set aside for the jigsaw puzzle du jour.
And we have done many in the last six months.
A piece here, a piece there.
To pick away at whenever the urge is felt.
It is close to addicting.
Once you find one piece, there is such joy, that one is compelled to find another.
Then another.
We have taken up yoga and other exercise routines.
Now that there is the time, we can try out new stretches and workouts that rejuvenate and revitalize us.
We are showing our true altruistic selves.
Some are helping elderly neighbours with groceries, because they can’t or won’t take the risk of going out themselves.
Others are sending care packages, dropping off some home made muffins or cookies, mailing letters and cards to let someone know they are in our thoughts.
We are taking care of our living spaces, which have become our work / living quarters 24/7 for some.
A lick of paint here. A new bedspread there. Some new towels, mats and shower curtain for the bathroom. New door handles for the kitchen cabinets. Another area rug to brighten up the family room.
All such small things but such big things, if it means we are happier at home.
Because I have a feeling we will be at home for quite a bit longer.
We are decluttering.
The pandemic has become something of an acid test.
A true test of whether something needs to stay in our lives or not.
Hopefully most of us have found some form of salvation in all of the things we do have in our lives, our people, our pets, our homes.
In short, we have learned to nest.
To be happy, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, at home.
To love and appreciate what we have chosen to surround ourselves with.
That is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned.
In the end, we must accept and embrace this thing that is beyond our control.
It is frustrating and difficult.
But it is what must be done.
To embrace all the changes, and ultimately all the good, that has come out of the pandemic.
The change in lifestyle, the change in routine.
We are never too old to learn.
And this pandemic lesson is one for the history books.


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