Move over Oprah and Ellen!
There’s a new talk-show queen in town – and she reigns!
I am talking about Kelly Clarkson, and her new show, appropriately titled, The Kelly Clarkson Show!
I am abundantly using exclamation points because that is how this new show makes me feel!
After accidentally discovering it one dreary November afternoon, I am smitten.
I record it on PVR every day.
She is the bright and joyful sunshine antidote to anyone’s seasonal affective disorder.
Opening every show with a cover song, she belts it out even better than the original, in my humble opinion!
With her Janis Joplin meets Arethan Franklin voice, her pipes have the ability to shake even the curmudgeonleist cobwebs off the most dedicated couch potato.
She stands there in her Wonder Woman/warrior power pose, hands on hips, slightly swaying back and forth, introducing guests, funny internet video clips, and telling stories.
It is intoxicating.
Not to mention her dazzling wardrobe choices.
Self-deprecating, her humour always comes with a healthy dose of southern Texas charm, sprinkled with liberal “y’all’s” throughout.
And always wearing her heart fully on her sleeve for all to see, she is often brought to tears by the story of a guest.
Or she is happy to go and give a great big hug to an audience member who is having tears of their own.
It’s a kind of warm heartedness towards humanity that is the breath of fresh air that this world needs right now.
Her laugh is as big as her singing voice, and every celebrity guest is expected to be in on all the jokes – or at least have a sense of humour – as she interviews them, throwing in a punchline at every opportunity – tossing back her head and clapping her hands in glee.
While interviewing the reknowned Dr. Phil, who admitted to Kelly that he would like to have more hair, she immediately pulled out a piece of her own hair weave and put it on his shoulder, and said, “Here, you can have some of mine!”
She has been lauded for her “body positivity” by other guests, and is a self-admitted “heifer”. To me that means she is wholeheartedly comfortable in her skin – all 5′ 3″ of it in a non-conventional “perfect” form.
The huge couches and cozy rugs on the set allow for all guests to stay and be a part of everything that follows. Refreshing, as most talk shows focus on one guest only at a time.
She is as welcoming as her voice and her heart are big, and it feels like being a part of a big Southern family’s home for a little bit, to hear the stories of others, share some good music, watch some entertaining video clips, laugh together, sing together, and leave feeling really good.
At the end of the show, she quips, “Have a great day y’all, and if it isn’t, then just change it!”
That in itself should garner her an award as a motivational speaker.
The closing credits of the show are shown over what she calls “Kelly-oke” – where the guests all karaoke the opening cover song in the show.
What an idea!
It’s a dose of fun, music, laughing, joking, learning, loving and giving.
An altruistic experience in an entitled world.
The whole format of the show is so endearing, that I am not surprised and extremely happy to learn it has just been renewed for a second season.
Kudos to Kelly!
And so, as the days continue to be dark and cold, a dose of The Kelly Clarkson Show will be my shining light each and every day.
Go get ’em, girl!


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