Ignorance IS Bliss

Whenever I think about big events that I knew were going to happen – I realize I stressed out about them more than was ever necessary.
I began imagining bad things – what would happen if “this” happened – what would happen if “that” happened – would everything be alright – all kinds of deep, dark thoughts.
And when the event was over, everything was always alright. If not better!
And I realize that it is very fortunate that we don’t know what is going to happen in our lives.
If we did know, we would be even more stressed about things than we are not knowing what is going to happen.
And to that end, I don’t know understand why people would want to go to astrologers or fortune tellers or psychics, to try find out what is going to happen in the future. Who would want to spoil the surprise?
We are better off not knowing.
I believe we are all a part of a grand, master plan.
When we think we know what would be best for our lives, the universe works its magic ways and gives us what we really need instead. And it is usually always better than anything we could ever think we want for ourselves.
There is a joke, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans!”
How true!
I think of all the times I have wished and prayed for something. And when it doesn’ t happen, I am more than disappointed.
But then something else happens that is WAY better than my original wish.
And so I have finally given over to the universe to have its wishes. I know what will be, will be. “Que sera, sera”, as the song says.
And it is so much less stressful.
And you really have to believe that everything will be alright. To have trust in a grand, master plan, and that there is one. Whatever that may be.
And of course, sometimes change is tragic and devastating. But looking back after a tragedy, one can see that something good usually happened afterwards. It’s almost as if we have to pay the price of tragedy to have something good.
But getting back to my original thought that not knowing what is going to happen in our lives is so much better than knowing, that’s why I believe ignorance IS bliss.

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