I’d Rather Be Cleaning

“But I have to vacuum the living room!” I exclaimed, hoping that would delay the inevitable.
The inevitable being some social event that I dreaded.
The fact is, I would rather be cleaning.
Washing the pots and pans.
Scooping the cat litter.
Making the bed.
Cleaning the countertops.
Sweeping the floors.
I just love the focus.
The moment it forces me to be in.
The sheer joy of the accomplishment.
To see the results of my hard labour.
To show the love.
That’s right.
I feel when I clean, I am showing love.
When I pull weeds, and water the garden, I am showing it some love.
When I make the bed, and make the space neat and clean and clutter free, I am showing it some love.
Showing the house, the garden, some love.
Some energy.
And I feel the appreciation.
From the garden, the house, etc.
I think those seeming inanimate things can actually feel the love.
And they give the love back.
Even washing my car is giving it some love.
Caring for people, pets and things, is all showing love.
And I do believe that if you show love in that way, you get loads of love back.
Not that that is why I do it.
I do it for the focus, for the “in the moment” feelings.
For the feeling of accomplishment.
For getting stuff done.
My mother-in-law jokes that I like to re-position the tv remotes “just so” before I leave the house.
She is not wrong.
I believe in that flow of energy that goes about a neat, clean, uncluttered environment.
I remember Julie Andrews once said that “discipline allows her to be free.”
And I believe in that credo.
By leaving the house, or wherever, whatever, neat, clean, organized, I feel I am able to go about my business and all will be well.
The flow of energy about the newly cleaned area will be positive – and generate a positive aura all around.
My brother once joked that he wouldn’t come to visit me because my house was too clean.
Too clean!?!?!?
I was flattered.
Not offended.
I love order, cleanliness, all of that.
Everything has to be “just so.”
And I don’t think there is anything wrong with being orderly, clean, and having all of your ducks in a row.
I believe more people should be that way.
(Please read “Does Chaos Beget Chaos”).
Don’t mind me – I just have to clean the fridge.

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