I See Ya, Sia!

“It’s performance art!” I tell my significant other, each time he comments on the fact that singer Sia is wearing a wig and costume so no one can see her face or body.
Her most recent performance was on The Voice with her new song, “Cheap Thrills”, featuring three dancers while Sia sang in the corner, decked out with wig, bow, and big dress.
It’s a catchy tune.  So good!  It makes you want to dance!
But why she refuses to be seen in public is anyone’s guess.
She has said that she doesn’t want to be judged.  She wants to be able to go to the grocery store and have her privacy.  That, I get.  I understand.
And it offers her performances an extra artistic flair.  A mysteriousness.
And she offers her dancers a platform that other dancers may not have.
She is content to remain in the background, while her dancers have the spotlight in front of her.
That is an ultimate act of selflessness.
Most singers are all ego.  All them, all the time.
But not Sia.
She is happy to remain unseen.  While others bask in the spotlight.
It’s an unusual circumstance, to be sure.  But while Sia maintains her privacy and still pours her soul into her performances, others who perform with her garner all the attention.
It’s fabulous.
And I see ya, Sia!


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