How “YouTube” Became A Verb

“You should just “YouTube-It”!
We were sitting around having a few laughs when one of our friends was telling us how he had recently purchased some chicks and baby ducks for his farm. He was explaining how they were almost old enough to start laying eggs. And he was also thinking of putting some on the BBQ.
“Would you kill them yourself?” I asked hesitantly – not really wanting to know the answer.
“Well” – he replied – “I am not sure exactly how…..”
And that’s when our other friend piped up – “You could probably YouTube-It!”
And that’s when I realized that YouTube had become our society’s most go-to site for anything and everything – including (probably – I have never checked and don’t plan on doing so) slaughtering chickens.
When you think about the massive amount of videos that are uploaded each and every day – (I think I read it was somewhere in the ten of thousands of hours) – it is astonishing!
And the fact it probably attracts more viewers per day than any other site out there – makes it an incredible social media tool.
From funny pet videos (I am guilty of uploading a few of those) – to the latest music videos – to favourite TV episodes to excerpts of movies – and even videos too gruesome and graphic to think about – (I don’t know how the folks at YouTube have the stomach to watch some of the videos that go into their system every day) – YouTube has become an everyday word in just a few short years.
“Did you see that video on YouTube?” has become a part of our everyday conversation.
It has become so common a word in our society’s mainstream – it needs no explanation or description. It has earned its own right in our vocabulary – to the point that it has now even become a verb.
I don’t know if it will ever make the dictionary. If it hasn’t already – I am betting that it will in the not too distant future. There are always new words being added each and every year – I think “twerking” has even found its way in there.
So, here’s to YouTube – our teacher, our mentor, our voyeuristic window to the world – and yes, our verb.

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