Her Swift-Ness

Taylor Swift always takes the high road.
No matter what life throws at her, whether it’s haters or shaders, she just shakes it off.
She is an example to all of us.
She never shows that any of the crap that is tossed in her general direction holds any sway at all.
She chooses the high road every time.
Even when she is publicly dissed at awards shows.  Or privately dissed by people whose comments happen to be recorded by microphones that just happen to be turned on.
Canada’s new prime minister Justin Trudeau said upon his winning the election, it was “Sunny Ways” that won the day.
Well, I think Taylor Swift’s “Sunny Ways” will win the day every time.
Her happiness and positivity and seemingly genuine caring for everyone is a lesson for us all.
She is a uniter – a joiner – a person who acts like glue for a myriad of people every single minute of every single day.
I don’t know where she gets the energy.
She seems to have a great family which no doubt offers her tons of support and cohesiveness.
Any person who has skyrocketed to such a level in her genre would need that in order to remain grounded and somewhat real.
She never has a bad word for anybody – and I think that will always be the light that shines her way.
I remember another female performer who called out one of her assistants several years ago and called her a “Hood Rat” for allegedly claiming she was not paid for her services.  Her Swift-Ness would never do that.  I don’t know how that other female performer is still in the public eye.  She does not have “Sunny Ways”.  In fact, her ways are “Dark Ways” in my opinion.
During Taylor’s world tour recently, she invited top names from the music industry to perform with her during her concerts.  That is a major unselfless feat unto itself – but the fact that so many big name artists decided to join her during her concerts speaks volumes to the power of positivity and forward, united thinking.  Sharing.  Abundance.  Unselflessness.  Win win.
All great examples of how all we, as humanity, should be.
Even recently after a relationship break-up, did she stay at home and nurse a broken heart?  No!  She went out and “crashed” a fan’s wedding, performing a song and making their day!  Giving love, all the way!
And so, to Her Swift-Ness, I say, Thank You!  And please keep up the good work!


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