Happy Family Day/Valentine’s/Thanksgiving

This past weekend was a long Family Day weekend, viagra 40mg which offered a holiday on the Monday. It was also Valentine’s Day on the Sunday.

But I am calling it a Thanksgiving weekend also – because I am giving thanks for having both.

Thanks for a family – my husband and our fur-children: Princess, Ivan, Chester and Peanut the cats, Pumpkin the horse, and Cora the cockatiel.

And thanks for a Valentine – again, the hubby, who is closing in on 8 years with me.

All very important things in this uncertain world. Where terrible things are happening in far away places. And the effects are being seen here at home, as we welcome refugees from war torn countries. Making me proud to be a Canadian, by the way.

Together, hubby and I welcomed his children into our home to live with us for two years, which I looked upon as a gift.

And we each have our parents, and siblings.

But perhaps Family Day should be extended to our friends also. Because we can choose our friends. But not so much our families.

To that end, we should give thanks for the friends that we consider family. Our friends which we would do anything for. And who would (hopefully) do anything for us.

I hope many of you can count your blessings as I am this weekend. I believe in the importance of connectivity, and am very grateful for the love, family and friends that I have in this earthly plane.



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