Even Oprah Has Bad Days

I have always thought it must be fantastic to be Oprah Winfrey.

Each and every morning, you would wake up, and think, “I am Oprah Winfrey.”

To know that you have helped so many people in the world. Through tv shows and books and magazines.

And to have given so many opportunities to people. And knowing you are such a great inspiration for hope and carrying on in the face of terrible adversity.

To have a beautiful home in Hawaii. And California. Among others.

To have steadfast and true friends and beau. And several loving dogs.

To have purpose – and to continue to want to help people, even though there is no need for the money. Or as Oprah herself put it one day, “I don’t need any more shoes!”

But it seems to me, the more larger than life a person becomes, by helping people or through becoming famous in other ways, the more detractors there are.

The more haters there are.

As Taylor Swift says, “The haters gotta hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!”

What does that say about our human nature?

And I thought of this when I read that someone was suing Oprah for something.

Something they thought she had wrongfully represented.

Thank goodness she is a strong woman who didn’t let that get to her. To bring her down. To give it any credit. She probably considered the source.

The more a person puts themself out there, the more risk they take of being put down. Again, what a sad statement of our human nature.

And so, on the days that Oprah wakes up and feels that it’s a bad day, because of some negativity from a jealous person or entity, I hope she doesn’t let that get her down.

And I hope she always rises above.

Because that’s what a big person she is.

And that’s an inspiration for all of us.


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