Does Chaos Beget Chaos?

The gnats were flying over the kitchen sink.
There was garbage everywhere.
And the cops were visibly shaken and disturbed at the mess.
Yes, it was another episode of COPS, and yes, they were attending yet another domestic dispute.
A house full of mess.  A house full of chaos.
Is there a connection?
There is an ancient Chinese belief about the flow of energy.  They call it feng shui.   The premise is that the easier and more symmetrical the flow of energy, the better fortune it allows.
Angles and edges are bad energy.
Circles and curves are good energy.
Clean and clear is good energy.
Clutter and dirt is bad energy.
I have visited many homes in my day and I am shocked and surprised at the number of them that are cluttered with chaos.  Socks on the floor.  Dirty dishes in the sink.  Clothes lying around.  Laundry baskets full.
And perhaps it is no coincidence that those homes are full of drama.
Yelling.  Fighting.  Disagreements.  Unhappiness.
There is no concrete proof to the theory that clutter and dirt equal chaos.
But I have also visited many homes that are clean and clear of clutter.
Those homes are seemingly happy and peaceful.  Loving and loved.  Lived in by people who care and who are cared for.
That’s not to say homes that are chaotic and cluttered are not loved and cared for.  I am sure they are, in their own degree.
But not to the extent that a home that is “feng shui” friendly.  Flowing and open.  Clean and clear.  Clutter free and happy.
A point to be pondered, to be sure.
And perhaps, just do those dishes before you go to bed.

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