Comfort Food

For some, it is a nice creamy pile of mashed potatoes.
For others, a dish of their favourite ice cream, or a hot baked bowl of savoury macaroni and cheese.
For me, it is whatever the Hallmark Channel is serving up.
Sap, sap and more sap, is what is comforting me these days.
A nice plate of syrupy love stories, wholesome togetherness, wise words of wisdom, imparted in such a way so as not to offend or judge.
And they are onto something.
It seems there is a Hallmark Channel following that is almost cult-like.
And I get it.
I am so happy to become involved in the latest friendly murder mystery series, the oh-so-coincidental love stories about unlikely people who just happen to meet and fall in love, the legendary Christmas movies which run all year round and offer heartwarming stories of a little struggle and a lot of triumph.
Love always wins in the end.
And that is soul satisfying.
It is always sunny in Hallmark Town.
The sets are always cozy and stunning, the scenery always beautiful and postcard-like.
It is a feel-good recipe that satisfies every time.
The Crossword Puzzle Mysteries is one series that fills the bill.
The Morning Show Mysteries is another one that soul quenches.
The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries is another that just makes you feel good all over.
And lately, it is the Good Witch series that is helping with a big dose of comfort food.
There is definitely something magical about the cast, the chemistry, the writing, the stories, and the fact that it was all shot locally in and around Hamilton and southern Ontario.
There is always a message or two hidden in between the lines, nuggets of insight, and a lesson on life and love and staying on the straight and narrow.
A moral of the story that always involves doing the right thing, being loving and caring and supportive and empathetic and compassionate and a good cook to boot!
A perfect recipe.
Of course, not everyone’s comfort food is sufficient for everyone, and we all have our own likes and dislikes, and I know the Hallmark Channel has its share of detractors and probably even haters.
How anyone could hate or ridicule stories about goodness and light I will never understand.
Probably the die-hard skeptics and conspiracy theorists, whose only comfort is the discomfort in knowing that all is not well with the world.
Well, they can have their cake and eat it too, as bitter as it may be.
Definitely not my style of comfort food.
I prefer to have my sappy, syrupy, feel-good dose of the Hallmark Channel recipe for kindness and lovingness.
Right to the last drop.
Please sir, I’d like some more!


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