Cold Comfort

It has just been announced that Canada is the 7th Happiest Place In The World To Live!
And all top seven countries have cold climates!
I don’t think so.
The top country is Norway, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, and Canada.
I am not sure how being in a cold climate contributes to happiness.
Indeed, we are just wrapping up a very cold winter here in Canada, and I can bet dollars to donuts that many people are very unhappy during the winter.
So many of us in Canada head south for a dose of warm air and sunshine during those dark, cold winter months.
Not to mention the number of S.A.D. cases.
That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mild depressive state where lack of sunshine contributes to a feeling of listlessness.
The final three countries rounding out the top ten happiest countries on the planet are New Zealand, Australia and Sweden.
All of these countries have key things in common that researchers believe contribute to our happiness and well being:  income, health, social support, freedom, generosity and absence of corruption.
Also important:  healthy years of life expectancy, high levels of mutual trust, shared purpose, and good governance.
Work apparently plays a key role too, as unemployment causes a big drop in happiness.
The United States fell to 14th place – largely because of a decrease in social support and increased corruption, researchers say.
European countries fell behind the U.S.:  Germany rated 16th, The United Kingdom 19th, and France 31st.
Countries that fell towards the bottom of the list of 155 were found to have internal and external conflicts, and past economic, political and civil disruptions.
So, when I find myself complaining about the cold weather, or high taxes, or anything else, I will remind myself that our country is GREAT.
And count all the blessings that we have – and be grateful for all that makes up our great, glorious country – Canada.


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