Big Bang Therapy

Remember the one where Penny fell in the shower and Sheldon had to drive her to the hospital?
Or the episode where Sheldon got several cats to replace Amy but then ended up giving them away to kids along with $20?
Or the one where…
It doesn’t really matter which episode you watch.
They are all great therapy after a really long, hard day.
Or an emotionally gruelling experience.
Or you just need some mind candy for awhile to take your thoughts off things.
Great therapy.
As all the characters wend their way through their own foibles, there is always a message in there somewhere for all of us.
As Howard negotiates his overbearing mother, and frighteningly similar wife, somehow, somewhere, we can all relate a little.
And there is always a great deal of humour to get us through.
Always at someone’s expense, but in the end, all is forgiven in the name of friendship.
And there’s always a lesson thrown in along the way.
Either for Sheldon, as he learns to navigate the world of people.
Or for Raj, perpetually looking for love and yet perpetually single, turning to a little dog named Cinnamon to fill the void.
It is like sitting down and voyeuristically watching a group of friends.
Reminding me of that ’90’s something show actually called Friends.
A bunch of people with relatably funny problems and issues.
All dealt with in a humourous and comedic way, so as to not be too serious, but all the while coming a little too close to home.
Hence we can all relate on some level.
Thankfully there is always an episode of Big Bang Theory on somewhere, sometime, all the time.
An episode to mindlessly unwind and discharge and get a laugh or two.
A story told with wit and comedic timing and perhaps we can all learn something as well.
About science, about psychiatry, about biology or engineering or physics.
About getting along with people, about living with people, about dealing with family and friends.
It’s a show that is easy on the mind but one that doesn’t let us off so easy.
It makes us think.
It gives us a chance to laugh.
To ponder and to reflect.
Perhaps I am overthinking it.
It is just a comedy series after all.
But as one watches and becomes invested in the characters, and feeling eternally sympathetic for Stewart who is never really part of the group, one can’t help but come away with a little something.
A little more hope, a little more empathy, a little more respect for the scientists of the world, who are now the cool kids on the block.
A good therapy session to mend the woes of the day.
Perhaps laughter is the best medicine after all.


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