At Least It’s Not Snowing

I have lost count how many times I have said that sentence this summer.
It is usually in response to a comment from someone to the effect of: “Cold today, eh?” or “This is supposed to be summer?”
And I am happy to remind them that at least it is not WINTER!
Because WINTER, as we know it, in our region, is more than just a season.
It is a life experience. One to be proud that you have survived. One to put another notch on the wall that you have surpassed. It is something we Central Ontarians brace ourselves for.
Not only does WINTER mean snow tires, wind chill factors, (what exactly are they, anyway?), long thermal underwear, SNOW, white outs, more SNOW, shovelling SNOW, sub-zero temperatures, and now, POLAR VORTEXES, (I think last winter was the first time we heard that phrase, based on the number of extended super cold and snowy periods), it also means no more greenery for several months.
And that is what makes winter so difficult.
Greenery and seeing the grass and smelling the flowers is not only good for our spirit and soul, but studies have shown that it is good for our physical health too. There is something about plants that help our immune systems, and increase our psychological well being.
And not seeing that for days, weeks and months on end, combined with the shortened, darkened days, is why so many people are stricken with the SAD’s. That’s short for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it’s a form of depression and even physical illness that is brought on, I believe, by lack of Vitamin D, among other things.
So, to anyone who has any complaints about this summer, whether it be too cold, too wet, too short, too anything, I say: “AT LEAST IT’S NOT SNOWING!”

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