Addicted to Instagram

It all started last week when I was bored at work one morning. I downloaded the Instagram app on my phone. I had to delete several other apps and games just to make room for it. It was such a large file.
And now – a week later – I can’t stop uploading images.
I have uploaded them by the dozens.
I have searched through old photo files on my computer, viagra dosage and come up with some very nice ones, I might add, and then uploaded them to Instagram.
It’s all I can think about.
They make it so easy, the people at Instagram. Just the push of a “button” and away you go!
And of course, I am following Justin Beiber.
And Taylor Swift.
And a few other guilty pleasures just to see what people are up to.
And National Geographic.
And ISS – the International Space Station. And NASA. And Cute Cat Photos.
And Animal Wildlife. Where does it end?
Truth be told – it’s like eye candy for the soul. The incredible images one can see on an Instagram page on any given day must release endorphins or something- because I can’t stop looking.
And now my cat Peanut is a star. So is Chester. So is Pumpkin the horse. I even found one of my first horse, Cheyenne. Looking so beautiful bathed in a sunset glow.
And a misty evening over the Allandale Golf Course. And a humble trillium bursting through an old stump of a tree. I am quite proud of the photographs I have found in my online albums. I believe I am something of a photog.
I have not crossed the selfie bridge – save for my profile picture. I will leave that to the social media stars – they know who they are – and they don’t need any more publicity courtesy of me to enable their selfie fame. Although, I do like the thought of that app that can offer a selfie “light” to help you look your best….:)
Anyways – it is my new fervent pastime – thinking of photos I have taken that I would like to share with the Instagram world.
Who knows who is looking. I so far have 4 followers (!) so someone is. But it doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that it is feeding some need in me to share the world around me. Because I love taking pictures.
And Instagram is the perfect platform to do just that.

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