Blue Zones

There are a few areas of the world where people regularly live to be 100 years old.They happen […]



Tornado Warning

Chester the cat hid under the bed.An appropriate place, since tornado warnings suggest covering oneself with a mattress.I […]


Easter has come and gone.The time of bunnies and chocolate eggs and lilies.And the smell of spring is […]

Bangs Vs. Botox

Thank goodness for Taylor Swift.She has made the bang cool again.And I don’t mean bang for your buck. […]


You. Can’t. Take. It. With. You.A phrase I hear often these days.Mostly from a friend who is getting […]


Groundhog day‚ĶThat’s how two different people recently described to me what it’s like to wake up in paradise […]

The Angry Gardener

“Off with your HEAD!” I mutter under my breath, cursing at the happy, little yellow weed as I […]