The Upside

The air over Los Angeles is clearer than it has been in decades. The pollution over India has […]

The Lockdown

It is a cloudy Wednesday in April. And that means it’s grocery day! The day I have proclaimed […]

March Madness

It began as such an innocuous month. Did it come in like a lion or a lamb? The […]

A Senior Moment

“Would you like to use your discount today?” asked the young lad behind the drugstore counter. I gazed […]

Sparking Joy

Her name is Marie Kondo. A petite, little itty bitty woman, barely 4’7″ tall. But she has become […]

Dear Helen

You will never have a chance to read this letter. Because you are dead. Something I just recently […]

Home Is Where The Pets Are

“There was just no other heartbeat in the house!” my friend tearfully told me one day. She had […]

The Rug

We have all had the proverbial rug dragged out from underneath us recently. Something we didn’t see coming […]


Move over Oprah and Ellen! There’s a new talk-show queen in town – and she reigns! I am […]

Why Did The Rat Cross The Road?

He scurried out from under a bush to the edge of the road. I beeped my horn, not […]