Complicated Plastic

We love it. We hate it. We need it. We eschew it. It was first invented to help […]

Love, Your Dog…

You brought me home when I was young Just a pup, to me you were the sun I […]

That’s S.A.D.

I was up to my elbows in the grumpies a few weeks ago. An annual affliction brought on […]

The Price Of Dignity

My most beloved, beautiful horse, Pumpkin, is on his last legs, literally. Approaching an incredible age of 30, […]

May Days

The marvellous month of May is full of them. It begins with May Day on the 1st, an […]

In Event Of Death…

My Dad recently handed me his “Kicked The Bucket List.” A maudlin sheet of paper on which he […]

The Cult-ure of Costco

We joined Costco the other day. And now we have to buy a bigger house. There was the […]

Mother Nature’s Reset Button

Another day, another special weather statement. Yes, we are in the thick of Winter. Short, grey days. Long, […]

The Best Kept Secret

When I was first hired by CKVR-TV as an anchor and reporter back in 1993, I was living […]

The Kindness of Strangers

We were zooming northbound towards home, on the I-65 through Michigan, when the car’s battery light came on. […]