Just Jump

The goslings weren’t having any of it. There were three of them, too young to yet fly, but […]

Me and Ernie

Me and Ernest Hemingway have a lot in common. We both volunteer(ed) for the Red Cross. We both […]

The Companion Horse

Some might say I have a very unorthodox relationship with my horse, Pumpkin. Most people who have a […]

Rats The Size Of Cats

So, Toronto has something of a rodent problem. A big rodent problem. A problem with big rodents. They […]

Chuck The Chuckwagon Races!

Mercifully, the 2019 Calgary Stampede has finally ended. The 10-day event, billed The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, […]


The squeak of their running shoes on the floor of the basketball court takes me back to high […]

At Ease

After crossing the threshold of the ripe young age of 57, I have finally come to terms with […]

Fresh Eyes

“It’s the wrong pizza! I am so sorry!” I said to the pizza delivery girl. “Oh, I’m sorry, […]

Complicated Plastic

We love it. We hate it. We need it. We eschew it. It was first invented to help […]

Love, Your Dog…

You brought me home when I was young Just a pup, to me you were the sun I […]