Madonna still does it constantly. David Bowie did it for all of his career. Justin Bieber does it […]

The November Crisis

I have changed my mind. Awhile back I wrote about the benefits of Daylight Savings Time. How is […]

Let It Bee

The aster bush was alive. A living, breathing, moving entity. As I looked closer, I could see its […]

The Morning Glory

Is there a plant more inspiring than the common Morning Glory? A seemingly fragile thing, it is persistent […]

Who Let The Cats Out!

He was a beautiful tabby cat. A full apple head. Skulking across the back deck. Then pausing at […]

The Elegant Wasp

It’s an annoying sound. The zzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzz of Ms. Wasp as she hovers above the beer that is being […]

Lessons From A Pandemic

I know, I know. “If I read one more thing about the pandemic, my head will explode,” you’re […]

The Wishing Stones

It was a warm Spring day, and the world was about a month into lockdown mode. People had […]

The Ant

I was gazing out at the garden, when suddenly something caught my eye. It was a bright little […]

The Good Fight

As another birthday comes and goes, it is always time for a look backwards, as well as forwards. […]