The Wishing Stones

It was a warm Spring day, and the world was about a month into lockdown mode. People had […]

The Ant

I was gazing out at the garden, when suddenly something caught my eye. It was a bright little […]

The Good Fight

As another birthday comes and goes, it is always time for a look backwards, as well as forwards. […]


You know how it is in these parts. The calendar says mid-April, and yet the snow squalls are […]

The Covid Diaries

Each day begins fairly much the same. Up at around 7:30 each morning, as Peanut impatiently meows and […]

The Big Break

Another day, another opportunity to get creative as to how to spend that day. The “Big Break,” as […]

The Upside

The air over Los Angeles is clearer than it has been in decades. The pollution over India has […]

The Lockdown

It is a cloudy Wednesday in April. And that means it’s grocery day! The day I have proclaimed […]

March Madness

It began as such an innocuous month. Did it come in like a lion or a lamb? The […]

A Senior Moment

“Would you like to use your discount today?” asked the young lad behind the drugstore counter. I gazed […]